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    be sure. decide.
    We are one of the pioneers and of the German market leaders for software and consulting in the field of market intelligence. By collecting and analyzing data and information, we create maximum market transparency for our customers.
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    That we fully trust because we develop them in collaboration with our clients.

  • Customer testimonials
    "Starting with the implementation up to the continuous further development, Cedura has actively supported us through competent consulting to design a powerful and industry-oriented software solution that effectively supports us in our daily business."

    Karsten Schulz
    KEOLIS Germany GmbH & Co. KG

This is what we do for you

We are specialists in market intelligence and supporting you in making your decisions on a sound basis.

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence system CedDecider combines data collection, data management and analysis in a state-of-the-art software with intuitive and clear dashboards.

Market Research

We conduct market, competition and customer analysis and provide answers to future-oriented questions. Especially in the niche markets, our expertise lies in the details.



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In addition to a high level of technical expertise and smart products, our strength lies above all in the intensive cooperation with our customers.

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Cedura GmbH is a pioneer and one of the German market leaders for software and consulting in the field of market intelligence. Our heart beats in Bochum in the Ruhr Area and this is the base from which we have been supporting companies throughout Europe since 2005. We combine many years of competence in market research and strategic management with comprehensive expertise in software development. Our claim "BE SURE. DECIDE." captures what is important to us and what defines us: Giving you the transparency for the most certainty in decision-making through our innovative methodology. CEDURA is a creative neologism - inspired by "Cuenca del Ruhr", Ruhr area in Spanish, and "dura" for durable and enduring from Latin.

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