About us

About us

Serving you since 18 years

The CEDURA GmbH combines long-standing expertise in Market Intelligence and Consulting, with comprehensive knowledge in process management and software development.

As such, we stand by your side as precise analysts and more importantly, as forward-thinking and solution-oriented business partners.

Our claim “BE SURE. DECIDE.” encapsulates what is important to us and what distinguishes us: Providing you with the transparency for the highest possible decision-making security through our innovative methodologies and products and living effective processes.

CEDURA supports you in defining, conceptualizing and executing your Market Intelligence and offers you an extensive service to achieve your goals.

Cedura Gruendung

How it all began?

Founded in 2005 as GIS GmbH as an IT consulting firm, the company distinguished itself from the beginning with high-quality, individual customer solutions. Especially the custom software solutions for optimizing workflow management and organizing larger roll-out projects quickly established themselves in the market.

Over the first few years, the need for automatic data collection and processing became increasingly evident in numerous projects. Linking important data from different sources and filtering out irrelevant data became more and more the focus of daily work.

GIS became Cedura

When Sascha Dongowski took over the management of the company in 2012, he recognised the signs of the times and from then on also focused the company on market intelligence in addition to operational excellence. The idea of linking IT processes with market research results in order to provide our customers with the greatest possible market transparency gave rise to the vision of establishing market intelligence with intelligent software solutions for B2B companies and niche providers.

He was spot on with his assessment: to date, the company has been able to grow continuously in the premises on the former site of the Holland colliery in Bochum and win numerous renowned customers from a wide range of industries.

The name Cedura

“As children of the Ruhr region, we have found the perfect location here – it just fits like a glove,” says Dongowski.

“We have some typical characteristics of the Revier and, just like our home, we never tire of developing.” The connection to the Ruhr is also reflected in the company name: Cedura is made up of the Spanish term “Cuenca del Ruhr” for Ruhr area and the Latin adjective form “dura” for permanent and durable.

Individual customer focus for 16 years

Relevance instead of revolution

Cedura remains true to itself, both in software development and in its approach to the market. Over the years, we have standardised and automated a lot of tools and processes. But the result for our customers always remains individual. Relevance instead of revolution.

What does this mean for the analysis of markets? With a methodology defined together with the client for delimitation and automated survey tools, we can systematically extract important data from the flood of information. These are then linked with other external and internal data, verified and prioritised to obtain information that is actually usable and objective.

“It does not matter which systems and information carriers are in place at our customers.
If data from the company is needed for the analyses, we include it without influencing existing systems.”

– Ingo Krings, Head of Organisation and Project Management at Cedura

Cedura attaches great importance to customising each market analysis: “Our methodology can be applied across all industries. But it is nevertheless crucial that we work closely with the client to define the relevant market,” Ingo Krings explains further. “Only in this way can we ensure that information that is both comparable and reliable is researched and prepared. In the end, it makes no sense to compare apples with oranges.”

Outlook and future

In the future, Cedura will continue to focus on the continuous expansion of partnership-based customer relationships and the constant further development of the tools and methods used. Another success factor that we will continue to expand is the development of our own team. As an IHK training company, we will continue to inspire our employees for Cedura from day one and retain them in the long term.


Since our foundation, we have been happy to support local kindergartens and sports clubs and thus try to make our contribution to a positive youth development in the Ruhr area. Feel free to contact us if you are running or planning a special project to support our future.


We strengthen our team spirit with various team events. City tours, Escape Room, raft trip on the Ruhr, bowling, amusement parks, indoor skiing, bike tours or simply a grilled sausage during the lunch break. And in addition to team building, the perspective well-being of our employees is also very important to us. That’s why, in addition to salary, we also offer many other additional benefits such as capital-forming benefits, company pension schemes and private supplementary health insurance.