We celebrate the promotion of VfL Bochum

1. Jun 2021 | News | 0 comments

We celebrate the promotion of Vfl Bochum to the first Bundesliga.

As BO connoisseurs, we have been supporting VfL Bochum’s youth work for several years and are now looking forward to the upcoming season in League 1. It was a fantastic performance underlined with typical Bochum virtues. Down-to-earth, straightforward and excellently motivated. Good luck !!!

In addition to supporting the youth work of the now Bundesliga team, Cedura regularly sponsors local Bochum clubs in the form of jersey sets, thus thanking many volunteers and committed people who work hard for the development of our youth. In recent seasons, the following clubs have worn the Cedura logo on their chests:

  • VfL Bochum Ladies – Handball
  • SC Weitmar 45 – Football – U16
  • FC Neuruhrort – Football – U9 and U10
  • DJK Linden Dahlhausen – Football – U7
  • SV Langendreer 04 – Football U17

We wish all teams continued fun, fair play and success.


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