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Cedura in NRW Manager – Market influences change rapidly

19. Feb 2021 | News | 0 comments

Cedura: Market influences are changing rapidly

Most companies are aware of this. But what does that mean in concrete terms?

If you know your markets, competitors and customer needs precisely and keep an eye on them at all times, you can make strategic corporate decisions reliably and, above all, at an early stage. But many markets are too individual, too fast-moving or too inconsistent – observing them in as much detail and consistently as possible is not so easy. In these cases, well thought-out automatisms and targeted information technologies can help, without which a permanently up-to-date market observation is hardly possible today. This is precisely where CEDURA GmbH comes in with its industry-independent market intelligence solutions. The Bochum-based team of experts from the fields of market research and software development, which has been established since 2005, provides its clients with detailed market transparency through the use of the CedDecider, thus giving them market knowledge that is relevant for decision-making. “Only those who know their company and market environment very well and continuously observe it,” explains Managing Director Sascha Dongowski, “can also act accordingly in line with the market. For example, this transparency serves to identify new customer needs, to open up new markets, to occupy niches and, above all, to avoid being surprised by one’s competitors or unknown market developments.”

Each company has its own relevant market

“Many companies are still of the opinion that their services and portfolio elements are too individual for a precise market analysis or can only be carried out with a corresponding knowledge of the industry. Often clients also tell us that the required depth of detail in information is not available at all,” Dongowski continues. Disproving these assumptions is the greatest motivation for the CEDURA team. Often it is not so much a problem to find information, but rather to define the crucial ones among them and to break them down within the surplus of information in such a way that only the relevant information actually remains. This is a central task of the Market Intelligence solution, which has been developed by the Bochum-based company since 2010 and is used by many medium-sized companies and subsidiaries. As a basis for generating detailed market transparency, CEDURA uses all available and usable information and data. Some of this information is already available to customers and is integrated, but most of it is automatically collected, enriched and processed by CEDURA’s solutions using intelligent search algorithms. “With our CedDecider, we not only provide an analysis tool, but also generate most of the data automatically. In this way, we create the foundation to support our customers not only once with a market analysis, but above all to provide them with up-to-date market transparency in the future,” says the CEDURA Managing Director about the company’s unique selling point.

Module selection and price are based on need

Sensible and fair: To ensure that a customer only receives the results or knowledge that he actually needs for his decision-making, individual Decider modules and their content can be used and combined flexibly. The pricing model is as needs-based as CEDURA’s solutions. “We enable the observation of a single competitor as well as a complete market monitoring and the monthly access costs are designed accordingly.”

Free demo with real data gives insight into the system

So that interested companies can experience the benefits of the CedDecider in practice, the Bochum-based company is acting true to its motto “BE SURE.DECIDE.” and offering free demo versions with customer-relevant market data. This year, CEDURA GmbH is also presenting its solutions for the first time at the Research & Results trade fair, which will take place on 23 and 24 October in Munich. Anyone who would like to gain an insight into the market situation of their company is most welcome to visit the CEDURA stand or can request a demo CedDecider directly from the company.


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