Cedura Operative Excellence

Mit Ihnen gemeinsam zur Operative Excellence

Mit Hilfe unseres bedarfsgerechten Supports sowie einer auf Sie zugeschnittenen Software-Unterstützung optimieren wir Ihre internen Projekte und Prozesse und steigern Ihre Produktivität nachhaltig!

Unsere Leistungen

Wir leben Ihre Prozesse und Projekte

Unser Prozesscheck dient der schnellen und umsetzbaren Optimierung von Prozessen Unternehmens mit einem direkten operativen Nutzen.


Unser Prozesscheck dient der schnellen und umsetzbaren Optimierung von Abläufen mit einem direkten operativen Nutzen.



Wir verstehen Ihre Prozesse detailliert und definieren gemeinsam mit Ihnen die Anforderung an eine digitale Unterstützung Ihrer Wertschöpfung.



Wir sorgen dafür, dass spezielle Prozesse unserer Kunden individuell und maßgeschneidert digitalisiert werden.

Operative Unterstützung von Cedura als externer Projektmitarbeiter

Operative Unterstützung

Wir unterstützen Sie bedarfsgerecht als externe Projektmitarbeiter oder als Outtasking-Dienstleister bei der Durchführung Ihrer Projekte.

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vertrauensvoller Partner

Our offers in detail

Consulting that works!

IT Workflow-Management Lösungen von Cedura

Individual software for workflow management

You don’t like to be pressed into a template – and this also applies to your internal processes. In order to be able to optimise and digitalise successful and lived processes nevertheless, you need a secure and user-friendly individual software. In this case, we develop a solution in the Microsoft environment that optimally supports our customer’s requirements and activities, based on a rough concept, specifications and, if necessary, a joint process analysis.

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Projekt- und Roll-Out-Datenbanken

Project and roll-out database

Are you planning an extensive launch of a new software or hardware project and would like to ensure that your changeover runs in an orderly and structured manner? We are your trustworthy partner for handling even the largest internal changeovers and provide you with the necessary transparency and security.

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Bedarfsgerechte operative Unterstützung durch Cedura als Outtasking-Partner

Operational support tailored to your needs

Regardless of whether you want to work with us on the conception of your project or whether you need support in a project that is already underway – you can rely on us as a partner in demand-oriented roles. We react flexibly to changing requirements in terms of project scope and duration.

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We ensure successful and lived processes

Time and again, we find that despite the greatest IT standardisation, some of our customers‘ processes or sub-processes are best supported by customised software. The consequence of high user acceptance also ensures accepted and lived solutions.

Our software developers work in close cooperation with the specialist departments of our customers and our customer consultants with many years of experience in over 20 different industries. Our development processes are transparent, reliable and documented at all times.

We develop your individual solution on the basis of an existing concept and/or on the basis of a process check carried out by us.

We develop individual software for your needs

Design, implementation and service of efficient software solutions for the improvement, digitalisation and automation of your processes.

Implementation and/or concept development

Joint definition of requirements and quality features by means of Cedura process check (modelling, weak point analysis, target concept) or implementation according to existing concept.

Fast and optimised development

Rapid prototyping and development in several iterations for optimal progress control and success guarantee through usable milestone results.

Management, Handover & Support

We support you during and after the software development

Dauerhafte Aktualisierung der Daten


With our proven project management across all project phases as well as quality management, test management and change management, we keep an eye for you during software development.
Datenerfassung aus mehreren Quellen


After development, we train the users and hand over the documentation to you.
Datenerfassung aus mehreren Quellen


We will continue to support you with our service and maintenance, including continuous updates.


The Cedura Project and Rollout Database is a configurable product for use in your organisation for planning,

scheduling and executing large-scale projects.

We are confident that we can support even the largest conversion projects efficiently and successfully with our software.


maintain an overview

Collection and linking of all project-relevant data from different systems and files as well as transparent storage of installed software, required hardware, licences, etc.

change and progress

Changeover planning incl. communication concept, detailed progress control and open-task monitoring

status and reporting

Comprehensive reporting via flexible dashboards, status calculations on device and location levels

Put recurring processes and tasks in safe hands.

Thanks to our high level of expertise, identification with our customers and continuous employee development, we enable you to outsource partial or entire processes to us. We support you in this process, starting with the description and structuring of the actual processes and the transition phase, and offer the best possible transparency of the processes outsourced to us from the starting point of the outtasking.

If required, we can use our own or tools provided by you, which guarantee a high level of process reliability and quality through comprehensive process management functions. This ensures optimal efficiency even in the event of fluctuating process loads, system and organisational disruptions or long process runtimes.

Our customer satisfaction consultants work with you to define KPIs, checklists and state-of-the-art reports to ensure that the success of outtasking is always measurable and continuously improved. In this way, you or your service desk can find out about the current and completed processes at any time and independently control important process key figures.

We support you according to your needs, for example:

Internal Collaboration

  • in project organisation and project management
  • as a coach for your specialist department and sparring partner, e.g. as an external key user or user manager

Communication with stakeholders

  • as your extended arm in communication with potential suppliers or other project participants
  • as a moderator in workshops (e.g. change management)

Forward-looking assistance

  • in test management and progress and success monitoring
  • in the implementation of user-oriented training courses

As an individual or as a team – we accompany you to the goal.

Das sagen unsere Kunden

Wir bedanken uns und freuen uns über das Vertrauen unserer Kunden

„Angefangen von der Implementierung bis hin zur ständigen Weiterentwicklung hat uns Cedura durch kompetente Beratung tatkräftig begleitet, eine leistungsstarke und branchenorientierte Softwarelösung zu gestalten, die uns in unserem Tagesgeschäft effektiv unterstützt.

Besonders das hohe Engagement und die individuelle Ausrichtung macht Cedura zu einem zuverlässigen Geschäftspartner mit dem wir gerne zusammen arbeiten. So können wir das Marktgeschehen in der Branche fortwährend analysieren und bleiben immer auf dem neuesten Stand.“

Karsten Schulz

Director PTA-Relations and Business Development, KEOLIS Eurobahn Deutschland

Von den ersten konzeptionellen Ideen bis hin zur detaillierten Umsetzung – Cedura hat uns mit viel Expertise und Engagement bei der Umsetzung unserer individuellen Wünsche erfolgreich begleitet.

Im Ergebnis steht eine pragmatische Systemlösung, die uns aufbereitete Marktinformationen für strategische und operative Entscheidungen liefert.“

Olaf Suchomel

Corporate Development, Jenoptik AG